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Car Insurance Discounts

auto_insurance_discountsMany people are looking for cheap car insurance. Everyone wants affordable car insurance. How do you save on your auto insurance premiums? The best way is to make sure that you are taking advantage of all the auto insurance discounts that your insurer offers.

Auto insurance discounts can be grouped into four (4) main categories

Driving History Discounts:

This first category is a big one, but also the most difficult discount to control. If you are not involved in any accidents or claims and keep a clean driving record you are going to get substantially better rates on your auto insurance. You may also benefit from driving the speed limit, driving at safe times of days, and coming to safe stops (as with Allstate’s Drivewise). Unfortunately, no matter how careful and conscientious we are sometimes bad things happen. So let’s focus on some other car insurance discounts that might be a bit more in your control.


auto_insurance_discounts_bundling_chantilly_allstateThe second category encourages you to have all of your insurance with a single carrier. If you have your property insurance (homeowner, renter or condo) with the same company as your auto insurance, you will likely get a discount on both the auto policy and the property policy.

Electronic discounts:

This third category encompasses a group of discounts related to the electronic delivery and payment of your auto insurance. A lot of companies will offer a discount if you get your bill and policy documents via email rather than snail mail and if you pay your bill automatically from a checking account. Insurance companies offer these discounts because it costs them less to process electronic documents and payments.

Miscellaneous Auto Insurance Discounts:

This final category includes a myriad of other discounts that companies might offer. For example, some companies offer discounts for good students or for paying your bill in full every six months (as opposed to making monthly payments) or for having certain safety features on your car. The important point here is the make sure you talk with your agent and review your policy so that you are taking advantage of all of the discounts your company has to offer.

Michael Angles with AllstateIf you have any questions about your auto insurance please call Mike Angles in our Chantilly/South Riding agency at 703-263-7800 or Christine Angles in our Manassas agency at 703-330-9400.




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Auto Insurance Discounts

Many people are looking for cheap car insurance.   Everyone wants affordable car insurance.  How do you save on your auto insurance premiums?  The best way is to make sure that you are taking advantage of all the auto insurance discounts that your insurer offers. Auto insurance discounts can be grouped into four (4) main categories…

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